Interview: Rima And Dina Zahran!

"Totally Dinzalicious"! If you've never heard of this phrase before, we guarantee that you won't be able to stop saying it after you read this post. DinZ has literally become HUGE since 2006, producing clothing items for women, men and even children. The items include everything from T's to jeans and all kinds of accessories. These items quickly became the "must haves" in Dubai, then around the Middle East (even selling in vendors in the UK and Spain)! Visit their website for more details. LoveTheModa was lucky enough to interview the stylish sisters and the masterminds behind DinZ, Rima and Dina Zahran, below.

*LoveTheModa: When did your first get into the fashion industry and how did it come about?
Zahran sisters: We’ve both always been very much into fashion and have been surrounded by it since a very young age. But we didn’t start to pursue our dream in fashion until a few years ago.
We’ve always accessorized and modified pieces of clothing to make them more “us”. A few years ago Dina started to get plain white t-shirts and paint them, add embroidery and other embellishments. They became quite popular among our circle of friends and somehow things just went from there. We both decided to team up and create a company out of our biggest passion.

*LoveTheModa: How do you want woman to feel in your collection?
Zahran sisters: Confident, beautiful, respected, comfortable, and most importantly; like themselves.

*LoveTheModa: How do your roles in creating "DinZ" differ?
Zahran sisters: Initially Dina was in charge of all the designing, and Rima took care of the business aspect of the company; dealing with people and making sure everything is running effectively.
With time, the roles have crossed over and today we both do a bit of everything. It works better this way because as we always say, two minds are better than one, especially because we’re both extremely different and think very differently, so we meet halfway in our work.

*LoveTheModa: What inspires you?
Zahran sisters: Our surroundings; the rich Arab culture, technology, the modern world we live in, art, beauty, creativity, music. We get inspired by any and everything.

*LoveTheModa: What do you think our readers should invest in this season?
Zahran sisters: A jumpsuit, statement accessories, and a pair of killer boots!

*LoveTheModa: Can you tell us a little about your latest collection and what your favorite pieces from it are?
Zahran sisters: We’re very excited about our Summer 2011 collection because we’ve created really fun jumpsuits. Those, along with our new statement necklaces are our favourites.
We’ve also got more accessories, t-shirts, and a new scarf collection that is different from anything we’ve done before. We always try to incorporate Arab elements into our pieces because it is very important for us to represent our heritage and culture, and also ourselves in our designs. You’ll notice we’ve always got an “Arab meets West” element going on in our designs – because that is exactly what we are.

*LoveTheModa: And finally, what do you have to say to those aspiring to be a part of the fashion industry and hoping to one day follow in your footsteps?
Zahran sisters: Follow your dreams. If you are truly passionate about something and have the right drive and work ethic, the world is yours. Nothing is easy, but everything is possible. Work for it and it will be yours :)

       Below are some of our favourite pieces from DinZ's latest accessories collection!

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