Dear aspiring fashion designers,

We're going to hopefully present you with your big break, if you have the talent that is. Let us introduce you to Garmz, a website where designers can upload sketches of their creation that are voted and commented on by the public. Garmz pays for full production of the garment you sketched if the feedback of the design is successful. And the best part is, the designer gets to pick the price the garment is sold for to customers world wide and gets the profit!
Although the company just consists of 11 people, it has literally EXPLODED since launching in June and already has 4000 registered users. So yes it is quiet competitive. Check out the website ,, and vote and submit your designs! You might be making someones (or even your) dream come true :)

P.S below are some of the sketches of garments we found to be trendy and voted for

Love Always, LoveTheModa!

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  1. Checked out the website and i abseloutely love it! keep up the great work, thank u :)


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